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FAQ No. 1: Where do I get a DJ, chairs, tables, parasols, lights and a sound system for my wedding?

The DJ / The band

Let's start with the basics... the DJ or the Band. If you want to have the best wedding celebration ever, you've come to the right place. Our DJ's know how to rock a wedding and pack a dance floor. Furthermore, we know some amazing bands that are just waiting to perform at your wedding. To get to know our DJ or any of the bands/musicians we would organise for you, just contact us! (We speak Luxembourgish, French, German and English ;-))

The furniture

To continue, let's talk about chairs, tables, parasols, bars, carpets, lounges and buffets. You simply can't do it without this furniture. Whether it is to have enough chairs and tables at your venue or your ceremony, whether it is for your wedding party to have enough parasols, whether it is to install a lounge, bar or buffet. We have everything you need.

The sound-system

Every wedding needs a sound system. Be it to amplify a band or a DJ, be it to give speeches, be it to play background music. In addition to our sound systems for larger concerts, we provide the right sound system for the wedding.

The lights

Lighting is about creating an atmosphere. At your wedding, it's about making you and your guests feel comfortable. Ambience lighting means: party and dance lighting, uplighting, monograms, room lighting and lighting of trees and plants.

Ps. We have fairy-lights too (perfect light source for an idyllic open-air atmosphere).

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