Our Projects

A selection of our past projects...

Would you like to know what we can do? What we are particularly good at. Then take a look at a selection of our past projects here.

Music's Back - Open Air Concert

Concert in July 2021 - Organised by Blue Light

After months of lockdown due to Covid-19, it was time to organise a concert. Therefore, we organised an open-air concert on 04 July 2020 in collaboration with the Luxembourg Youth Hostels. We, took care of the event technology as well as the ticket sale.

Firmung 2021 Por Öewersauer - St Pirmin

Live stream of the confirmation service in Heiderscheid - Organised by the "Por Öewersauer - St Pirmin"

February 5th 2021, the confirmation service for some young people was broadcasted live on YouTube from the church in Heiderscheid. Blue Light Event Productions was hired for sound and video technology. We took care of the technical side of the live stream.

Soap Box Derby in Bissen 2020

Sound system for the soapbox derby organised by the municipality of Bissen

A few months before the event, Blue Light Event Producions was asked to install loudspeakers on the day of the event along the street where the soapbox race would take place in the afternoon. In addition, a racers' camp and a public area with food booths as well as a drinks stand needed to be provided with sound.

FC Wiltz 71 VS US Mondorf-les-Bains

Live-Stream soccer Game, Blue Light was hired by the FC Wiltz 71

Blue Light Event Productions was hired by the soccer sports club FC Wiltz 71 to broadcast the soccer game FC Wiltz 71 against US Mondorf-les-bains live on Youtube.