Planning & Conception

Every event starts with an idea

The 4 Steps

The foundation of every successful event lies in 4 crucial steps, commencing even before the first truck leaves our warehouse. We are committed to supporting you at every stage of this process, ensuring a seamless and triumphant event execution.

  • Analysing Ideas and Conception
  • Sketching Ideas
  • 3D Visualisation
  • Detailed Planning

Analysing Ideas and Conception

In this initial phase, we delve into your ideas, understanding the event's purpose and objectives.

Our team collaborates with you to conceptualise the theme, atmosphere, and key elements for a memorable event.

We conduct a comprehensive analysis to ensure that the event is going to align with your vision and goals.

Brainstorming sessions and creative discussions shape the foundation of the event concept.

By focusing on your preferences and objectives, we lay the groundwork for a unique and tailored experience.

Sketching Ideas

Building on the analysed concepts, we translate ideas into visual sketches, outlining the event's layout and design.

The sketching phase allows us to visualise spatial arrangements, ensuring a harmonious flow of the event space.

Optional collaborative design sessions refine and enhance the visual elements based on your feedback.

Attention to detail during this step ensures that the event's aesthetic aligns seamlessly with your vision.

Sketching serves as a blueprint for the subsequent stages, providing a clear direction for the overall design.

3D Visualisation

Using advanced 3D visualisation tools, we bring the sketched ideas to life, offering a realistic preview of the event space.

This immersive step allows you to explore and approve the visual elements before the actual implementation.

Detailed 3D models enable us to make informed decisions on lighting, decor, and overall ambiance.

Collaborative refinement ensures the final visualization aligns precisely with your expectations.

The 3D visualization phase serves as a pivotal checkpoint before moving into the detailed planning stage.

(This 3D visualisation was not the final version of an event in 2023.)

(This plot was not the final version of an event in 2023.)

Detailed Planning

Detailed planning involves translating the conceptualised and visualised elements into a comprehensive event plan.

Every logistical aspect, from equipment requirements to spatial arrangements, is meticulously outlined.

A timeline and schedule are established, providing a roadmap for the entire event planning and execution process.

Detailed planning sets the stage for the smooth implementation of the envisioned event experience.

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