Event Technology

Event and exhibition technology

Live Sound & PA

Immerse your audience in a world of unparalleled audio quality with our state-of-the-art sound systems. 

Whether it's a live concert, corporate event, or intimate gathering, our professional sound solutions deliver crystal-clear audio, ensuring every note and word resonates with perfection, leaving a lasting auditory impression.

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Event and Show Lighting

From ambient illumination to dynamic light shows, our crew ensures your venue and shows radiate the perfect atmosphere, creating visually stunning experiences that captivate your audience.

We use light to transform every location into a unique world, so that every event remains unique.

We put your products and messages in the right light.


Video Technology

Elevate your events with our advanced video technology. 

From high-definition displays to immersive visual presentations, our video solutions add a dynamic dimension to your gatherings.

Whether it's conveying a message or creating a visual spectacle, our video expertise transforms your events into unforgettable experiences.



Whether it's providing stages for open-air events or flying lights, speakers, and video technology for indoor gatherings.

Our riggers take responsibility for seamless setups. 

Complementing our comprehensive lighting, sound, and video solutions, we offer an all-encompassing solution from a single source.


Extend the reach of your events with our streaming services.

Whether it's a virtual conference, live performance, or product launch, our streaming solutions enable you to connect with audiences worldwide. 

Immerse your virtual attendees in the event experience, transcending geographical boundaries.

In cooperation with our other services such as lighting and sound technology, we create excellent digital events.

Power Distribution

Power up your events, festivals, and Christmas markets with our robust power distribution solutions. 

Our specialised systems ensure a reliable, safe and efficient flow of electricity, supporting the diverse technical requirements of extensive setups.

When it comes to power distribution, it is not enough to simply insert a plug.

We support you!

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