Event Solutions

Live, Digital and Hybrid Event Solutions


We don't simply provide light, we create an atmosphere! Whether it's for a big stage, classical music, a rock band, a lecture, a theatre play, a wedding, a product presentation or a corporate event.

We put your event in the right light.


Providing sound systems involves much more than just providing loudspeakers! 

In combination with high-quality loudspeakers and microphones, we provide you with the necessary know-how to eliminate sound dropouts and provide you with a top-quality sound.


Nowadays, more and more new media are used for all kinds of events. Be it an LED wall for a rock n' roll concert or the streaming of a product presentation or corporate event.

Here again, our know-how will make your event stand out - and take off.

Stages / Rigging / Exhibition Stands

Our skills are not limited to sound, light and video. We will also inspire your customers and spectators in stage and exhibition construction.

This is where we put a lot of focus on work, spectator and artist safety!

Show Production 4Artists

Local artists are increasingly looking for personalised shows, permanent crews and show logistics.

Whether it's for a tour or individual concerts, we support you!

Unlocking perfection through the power of know-how!


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