How should your next event look like?

We are here to make your dreams come true. To inspire you and to show you what we are capable of, we would like to show you some ideas for your upcoming event and some of our past events.

The open-air events:

The smaller vs the larger castle concert

In 2021 we provided sound, lights and the stage for two castle-projects: a concert organised by us and a major music festival organised by "Kultur21 a.s.b.l.".

Castle Concert  - The Tame And The Wild - Organised by Blue Light

Picture by © Speicher Michel

Pëttener Summer Nights 2021 - Bartleby Delicate - Organised by Kultur21 asbl.

Picture by © Pëttener Summer Nights

ps. At the smaller concert we provided along with the lights, the sound and the stage also the chairs. ;-)