Our Services

We are there for you, at any kind of event!

Live sound for concerts

More than just plug-and-play

Whether it's a pop, rock n' roll or classical concert: the musician should always be in the foreground. 

It is important to us to plan concerts in such a way that we achieve the best possible sound for the audience and for the musicians by selecting the appropriate microphones and loudspeaker systems.

Show and ambient lighting for events

Targeted planning of the lighting design depending on the application and customer

Light is not only meant to mark an event as an event. We try to create an atmosphere - a mood - by using light. Whether it' s for cultural, business, sporting or digital events. We plan the light so that it meets your needs.

Event and Media Technology for Business-Events

High speech clarity and discreet sound systems are essential

At your business events, we take care of meetings, exhibitions and parties. Loudspeakers should not be in the foreground, microphones should offer high speech intelligibility, your PowerPoint should be easily visible even in daylight and the lighting should be appropriate for your company.

Chrëschtfeieren / Christmas Parties

Let's celebrate!

We provide the necessary event and media technology for your company and private parties during the Christmas season. We provide you with the necessary show and ambient lighting, the necessary sound and video technology, a stage and a DJ. If desired, we find you a band as well.

Live-Stream technology for events

High speech clarity and high video quality for your digital or hybrid events

There are various reasons why you might want to digitise an event or organise a partly presence - partly digital event. 

For digital or so-called hybrid events, we provide you with the needed cameras, loudspeaker systems and microphones as well as the necessary lighting. 

It is important to us to realise your ideas, to consult you and to provide high video and sound quality.

Sound and lighting for Christmas markets

Give it a Christmas feeling!

Every year, many municipalities and organisational committees face the great challenge of putting together a Christmas market that attracts many visitors. 

Especially for Christmas markets we would like to help you out. We would love to take care of loudspeaker systems, background music, small and large Christmas concerts and fairy lights for your Christmas market.

And if you are still looking for musicians... we know many musicians who would love to perform at your Christmas market.

Open-Air Stages

Open-air stages that specifically suit your music group and kind of event

Stages should not all look the same. We build stages that fit your event and musician or company.

When planning the stage, we turn your ideas into reality and inspire ourselves from your music, your logo and your music cover.

On the photo above you can see the stage we built for the music group Drife at the Music's Back 2021.

Indoor Stages

No matter if Rock n' Roll, Classical Music or Business Events...

Indoor events offer many ways to organise a really successful event.

For many events that take place indoors, stages are needed.

We build indoor stages for you: Be it a simple small podium, a medium or large stage for conferences, concerts, theatre, sporting events or parties.

Sound-systems for markets and open-air sporting events

A successful event through precise planning

For open-air sporting events and markets, it is often about providing sound for a large area. Especially at open-air sporting events, winners' podiums and start/finish gates are often required.

Some open-air sporting events require lighting systems and often video systems to show sponsors, the score or the programme.

By planning exactly how we will use our equipment, we can turn your ideas into reality.

Sound-systems for indoor sporting events

Equipment that does not distract the athletes and your supporters

As with open-air sporting events, indoor sporting events often involve providing sound over a large area. Winners' podiums, video systems and even entire lighting shows are no longer exceptional.

In sports venues, however, the greatest challenge is to ensure a high level of speech clarity and to place the equipment in such a way that it does not distract the athletes and your supporters.

Special FXs

Astonish your guests and your audience

Have you ever wanted to dance on clouds, for example at a wedding, or to greet the winner of a race with sparkling fountains?

We plan such effects together with you so that your guests will be absolutely astonished.

Curtain systems & PVC Screens

Pipe and drape systems

Part of the event technology is the separation of rooms and the installation of curtains. Be it in restaurants to separate an event from the normal restaurant service or at weddings and small concerts to install backdrops or to surround a room with curtains. Pipe and drape systems are always needed.

Our pipe-and-drape systems can also become very handy in the fight against the virus Covid-19, as they can be equipped with PVC screens.

Building illuminations

Let your buildings shine in a different light!

For the Christmas season, birthdays, national holiday and corporate events, public buildings, monuments and company headquarters are often highlighted by lighting and video technology.

Entire videos can be played on walls of castles as well as churches and whole lighting shows can be played on municipalities and company headquarters.

Public Viewing

Watch it together - Celebrate together

Public viewings are about providing high quality video and sound to a large mass of viewers so that they can watch together a football game, for example, and celebrate together.