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Technically perfect and safe events; Inspiring guests, musicians, organisers and spectators.

Live Event Solutions

2022 requires more than just light, more than just sound, more than just event technology.

We make sure that your event is technically safe and flows perfectly. We provide you with stages, lighting, sound, video, technicians, power distribution and everything you need for the technical side of your events.

Digital / Hybrid Event Solutions

With the Covid-19 pandemic, a new type of event appeared that will become more and more popular: Digital / Hybrid events.

It' s not only the right equipment that counts here, but also the necessary know-how!

In addition to the equipment, we supply this know-how and take care of your event.

Tour Productions

Many musicians strive to play all their concerts with the same technical equipment and the same crew. Be it on a tour or at individual concerts.

The more famous a band gets, the more they ask for their own lighting designs, which our light-designers plan with you!

Always the same monitor sound? Your own large lightdesign for your own concerts or your own small, quickly set-up lightdesign for festivals? Do your instruments have to be moved from one venue to the next?

Tour productions are not only for big international musicians but also for local groups!

Depending on the location, we offer you the right equipment: It doesn't matter whether it's a club, open-air stage, bar or restaurant, company headquarter, exhibition hall, museum, churche, theatre or multi-purpose hall.

We offer solutions for...

  • Concerts
  • Business-Events
  • Festivals
  • Theatre
  • Weddings
  • Celebrations
  • Product presentations
  • Live-Streams
  • Automobile Festivals
  • Christmas Partys
  • Christmas Markets
  • Stages
  • Exhibitions
  • Sport Events
  • ....

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